The Gridiron

Do you want to be in the midst of the PASSION, ENERGY, and RUSH that comes with a Bulldog Football game at Scott Field? If so, then THE GRIDIRON is your portal to each second of HARD-HITTING action!

Inside the Gridiron

Inside the Gridiron

Gridiron Field View

Are you a season ticket holder? If so, you can enjoy THE GRIDIRON in 2014. | To be located in the bottom of the newly expanded north end zone of Davis Wade Stadium, the Gridiron is a new premium area that transforms the north end zone into your own personal lounge for Bulldog Football home games. Opening two hours before kickoff and available until the final whistle sounds, the Gridiron provides an EXHILIRATING experience that puts you field level so you and your party can soak up all of the action from pre-game warm-ups to a last second score! The Gridiron also comes serviced with drinks, food, locker service, and high definition televisions so that you can kick back and relax without having to miss a second of college football on an autumn Saturday. How can you gain access to THE GRIDIRON for 2014? | Season ticket holders simply need to add a season membership to THE GRIDIRON to their current season ticket package. Remember, a membership to THE GRIDIRON does not include a ticketed seat, so the membership must be purchased in addition to your current seat. Cost: $750 per membership for the full season.

Take a look at the great view and features available with a membership to THE GRIDIRON: