Priority Points

The Bulldog Club Priority Point System utilizes five different factors to calculate membership rank:

  1. Current Annual Giving
  2. Number of Consecutive Years of Contributing
  3. Cumulative Contributions
  4. Season Ticket Purchases During Previous Year
  5. M-Club Alumni Membership

CURRENT ANNUAL GIVING receives 12 points per $1,000 (.012 per dollar).  Only dollars contributed in the current year count in the category.  When any portion of a current year pledge is paid, a donor accrues lifetime points for the amount of that donation. CONSECUTIVE YEARS OF GIVING receives one (1) point for every year of consecutive giving.  For each additional consecutive decade of active membership in the Bulldog Club, 0.5 extra points are awarded.  This factor treats all donors the same, regardless of giving level.  For example: a donor who has been active for 20 consecutive years would receive 10 points for years 1-10 and 15 points for the second decade (1.5 points for years 11-20).

The key word is consecutive.  If a donor first contributed in 1990, did not make a bulldog club contribution from 1991 to 1995 and contributed again in 1996, the consecutive years of giving would begin in 1996.

The CUMULATIVE CONTRIBUTION factor receives eight points per $1,000 (.008 per dollar) given over a donor’s lifetime to the Bulldog Club.  All contributions factor, even if the consecutive years string was broken at some point. SEASON TICKET PURCHASES AND M-CLUB MEMBERSHIPS:

Points will be added for:

  1. Buying season tickets for football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball or baseball.  One point per season ticket (maximum of 10points per sport, per year) will be credited.
  2. The M-Club Alumni is an organization of Mississippi State Athletic letter winners.   These active members will receive an additional priority point each year.

Current annual giving is the most important factor in the Priority Point System.  It is weighted more because the current year’s scholarship costs are paid with these annual funds, which are crucial to the success of the Bulldog Club’s main purpose to fund scholarships for student-athletes.  The number of consecutive years of contributing and total cumulative contributions relate to loyalty to the Bulldog club and Mississippi State Athletics.