Annual & Lifetime Giving Levels

Giving Levels                                     Minimum Gift

Bulldog                                                                                        $100
Teammate                                                                                   $600
State Club                                                                                 $1,600
Coaches Circle                                                                         $3,000
Maroon/White                                                                           $5,000
All-American                                                                           $12,000
Scholarship level                                                                    $15,000
Champions Society                                                                $25,000

The Top 25

The Bulldog Club Top 25 is an annual recognition level that was initiated during the 2011 calendar year.  The “Top 25” annual donor accounts to the Bulldog Club in a calendar year will be invited to a unique entertainment opportunity courtesy of the Mississippi State Department of Athletics.  Such opportunities may vary from celebrity hosted dinners and outings to chartered travel to Bulldog athletic events.

Seal Society

The Leo Seal, Jr. Society was established in 2009 to recognize those who have contributed a minimum of $100,000 in their lifetime for the betterment of Bulldog Athletics.  The Seal Society is named in memory of Mr. Leo Seal, Jr. who set a tremendous example through giving and guidance to his alma mater. Members of the Leo Seal, Jr. Society are invited to participate in unique events and activities each year.

Champions Society

The Champions Society was established in 2009  as an annual recognition level. Champions Society Members have contributed a minimum of $25,000 annually to The Bulldog Club for the enhancement of Bulldog Athletics. Members of the Champions Society are invited to participate in unique events and activities each year.