Hail State Rewards

Hail State Rewards is a FREE student program that rewards attendance to MSU events. Students earn points for attending MSU events and using one of the redemption methods listed below. Point values for each event vary between 100-300 points. Students may redeem these points for free prizes.

The best benefit of joining HSR is that it allows students to begin earning points towards Bulldog Club priority. Upon graduation, students who are HSR members will automatically have a personal Bulldog Club account set up in their name. A percentage of all HSR points you earn as a student will roll over into your Bulldog Club account. This account will remain active for two years without requiring additional donations. Your active Bulldog Club account will give you priority of season tickets after you graduate among many other benefits.

Easy HSR Point Redemption Methods for MSU Events: 

NOTE: If your student ID is scanned to enter the event, that’s it – you will automatically earn your points for attending. But, make sure you have the “Hail State Rewards” iOS or Android app downloaded and your Bluetooth turned on, so you can earn extra points for staying for the entire event.

If it’s an event where your student ID card is not swiped as you enter, you have three simple ways to claim your points:

1.     iBEACONS! - If you have downloaded the HSR app, and your Bluetooth is turned on, you will automatically be awarded your points when you enter the facility, through our new HSR iBeacon sensors!

2.     HSR APP - If your Bluetooth is not enabled, just visit the events tab of the HSR iOS or Android app once you have entered the event and click “Check-In” (Click HERE for details on downloading the app)

3.     HSR KIOSK - Swipe your student ID on the HSR kiosk at the student entrance to the event

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Current Students

For additional information and instructions to join please visit www.hailstate.com/rewards


  • For every 2500 HSR points a student earns they will get 1 BDC Lifetime Priority Point when they graduate.
  • 1 Bulldog Club Lifetime Priority Point is equivalent to a donation of $125.
  • For specific information regarding your Bulldog Club account please call our office Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm at 662-325-3074.